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The Wellnus Company

Natural Bamboo Wipes (10 wipes)


Made from 100% bamboo fiber, our cleansing wipes are certified organic, eco-friendly, portable, pre-moistened, anti-bacterial and enriched with aloe vera extract. These wipes are perfect for face or body to instantly remove excess oil, sweat or dirt.

Since they are made from bamboo fiber, they feel a little different to the wipes on the market. individually packaged, they are are great as a make-up remover, portable refreshing wipe, or even to clean yourself or children's dirty hands/face.

Please note: Our Wellnus wipes are natural, un-scented, hypoallergenic and non-alcoholic. 

*Purchase comes with 1 re-usable tin container and 10 organic bamboo cleansing wipes. 


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the wipes used for? 

Anything you need! It's great as a make-up remover, portable refreshing wipe, to clean yourself or children's dirty hands / face. Because the wipes are made from 100% bamboo fiber, they feel a little different to the wipes on the market.

  • What are your products made from? 

Every single product we sell is eco-friendly. Our wipes and band-aids are made from 100% bamboo fiber. They are certified organic, biodegradable, non-alcoholic and fragrance free.

  • How do we provide free medical care? 

We use the funds from the sales of our products to provide free primary care services to anyone in California. Our patients walk through our doors and pay $0. They get access to an MD, plus any medications or lab testing they may need - completely subsidized by our company.

  • How do you provide free medications or laboratory tests? 

After your medical appointment, our Doctor will call in the prescription or lab test to a pharmacy or testing site near you, and ask our patients to send us the receipt. Once received, we simply reimburse you the costs. 

  • It sounds way too good to be true! What's the catch? 

We are a husband & wife team with an 18-month old daughter. We are absolutely for real, and we know we are revolutionizing healthcare in the country - for our daughter and for all. People find it difficult to believe that we can make healthcare free, but we're here to prove them wrong. We would love your help to spread the word, so we can provide free healthcare to as many people as possible!

  • What do you envision for the company?

We have big dreams. We can grow to get more specialized services on board and have doctors providing free medical care in every city in the United States. We know that sounds crazy, but we know we can do it. There are many companies offering boutique medical care with high subscription fees etc., but we're the first in the country to do it completely free of charge. Revolutionary / industry changing ideas take time, but we are driven by the want to make a true difference to our community and country. 

Introducing the 'Produce Prescription'

Even though we provide free medications to our patients, our first-line treatment is lifestyle and dietary changes. We support our patients by teaching them truly healthy habits to fight problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which shockingly affects almost 50% of adults in USA!

We teach them basic exercises they can do at home, and provide them with a small gift card from WholeFoods so they can introduce fresh produce to their diets. We call it our "produce prescription", completely subsidized by our company and the sales of these products. It's easy for doctors to recommend changes, but we give our patients the exact tools they need for change.