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Natural products to fund free medical care.

Each purchase of our organic, eco-friendly products directly funds our free family medicine clinic and tele-health services. We completely cover the cost of visits, medications and laboratory tests. 

We have big dreams to revolutionize healthcare, not just in Los Angeles, but the entire country!


Meet our Doctor

Dr. Buch is a board-certified Family Medicine Physician (MD) and diplomate of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He has experience in multiple specialties and locations (both locally and internationally).

He holds an active license to practice in the state of California, and along with The Wellnus Clinic, works at a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center for low-income populations, and once a week at a homeless shelter. 

Our Story

Hi, I'm Charvee and I'm the Co-Founder of The Wellnus Company! After having our daughter, we realized how complicated and expensive healthcare is. When we had the idea of our company, we wanted to create a sustainable stream of income that wouldn’t rely on donations - that's how we built our model. People buy our products and we use the funds to provide free medical care.

It's time we revolutionized healthcare to truly make it accessible to all!

Love from our patients and customers

Love this product!! The cleansing wipes work wonderful! Highly recommend purchasing! The funds are going towards an excellent cause!!

Their office is beautiful, parking was super easy (1 hour free street parking) and most importantly, Dr. Buch was knowledgeable, kind, patient and thorough.

I have used their service and their vision for free healthcare is amazing! Charvee Buch and Dr. Buch are amazing human beings. 

This is a brilliant idea executed by truly thoughtful doctors trying to revolutionize health care. I can't believe they are truly offering free healthcare.

This is what healthcare should be. People shouldn't have to choose between paying their bills and seeing someone for their healthcare needs. Thank you for this.

My estimated visit charge (for an in-network physician) was $671 for an issue I needed to be seen for. They are generous beyond words to provide free healthcare. It really seems too good to be true, but they are truly offering free healthcare.

I appreciated the time taken to get to know me and my history. I appreciate the dedication to serving patients as opposed to trying to make profit off of my health issues.

I mostly appreciate the honest and transparency of the physician--he was super knowledgeable, and when he wasn't sure about something, he just admitted it prior to devising a plan to help me figure it out.